Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game Free Download

Tekken Tag Tournament Full Version PC Game Highly Compressed Setup Direct Link.

Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game Free Download

Developer: Bandai Namco Games, Namco Bandai Games
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games, Namco Bandai Games
Release Date:  Sep 11, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament PC Game Overview:

Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game was initially discharged as an arcade diversion in 1999 preceding turning into a disp@tch title for the PlayStation 2 in 2000. The arcade form worked comparatively, however, kept running on a 32-bit representation motor like Tekken 3. It got redesigned design when it was ported to the PlayStation 2. Its continuation Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was discharged in 2012. A remastered adaptation of the amusement titled Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game was discharged for the PlayStation 3 in November 2011, as a feature of Tekken Hybrid.

Proceeding with the battling mechanics from Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament PC Game sees players fighting in groups of two characters. Anytime in the match, the player can hit a label catch to swap out with their other warrior, permitting the resting contender to recoup some lost wellbeing. The tag can be actualized from numerous points of view, for example, in the middle of combos or using unique tosses. Now and again when a resting warrior’s life bar is blazing, that character can be labeled into be given a transitory support in quality. Not at all like other label amusements, for example, Capcom’s Vs. the arrangement, players are vanquished when just a single of their contenders lose the majority of their wellbeing, obliging players to be vital about labeling their warriors. In case of a timeout, the group with the most aggregate wellbeing remaining wins the round.

The game highlights more than 35 characters that beforehand showed up in Tekken 2 and Tekken 3. Also, there is a supervisor character, Unknown, who is like Tekken 3’s Mokujin in that she can haphazardly mirror any character’s battling style, yet she can change her style whenever amid the battle. The PlayStation 2 form included upgraded design and different modes, including 1-on-1 mode, in which players just pick one warrior each, and Team Battle, where players pick up to eight fights and play with the label rules, with each new character supplanting the one that was vanquished (the rest of the contender must battle on his/her own). Likewise highlighted is the “Tekken Bowl” mode, a rocking the bowling alley minigame where every character has diverse traits.

The arcade and reassure adaptations of Tekken Tag Tournament contrast somewhat. The arcade variant kept running on a 32-bit motor, using the design motor of Tekken 3. These illustrations ran utilizing the Tekken 3 PCB board, in view of the PlayStation equipment. The comfort variant kept running on an exceedingly upgraded motor, using the PlayStation 2’s design processor. The amusement does not keep running on a 32-bit motor, yet on another and redesigned motor profoundly like that found on Tekken 4. The foundation outlines and BGMs contrasted as well, as the comfort rendition has new upgraded tracks, while the arcade form depended on MIDI tracks with an instrumental support. Obscure is not playable on the arcade variant, yet the character is on the PlayStation 2 rendition. The arcade form additionally permits players to just choose the option hues that have been added to the ensembles at to start with, while the ordinarily hued ones are opened when the extra characters are. There are additionally vital contrasts concerning the playability of the characters, as a few moves or assaults are significantly more effective in the arcade variant than in the reassure adaptation and the other way around.


Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game, being a non-ordinance amusement, highlights no storyline. It is to a greater degree an assemblage of the Tekken arrangement giving fans the chance to play as practically every character in the arrangement up to that point, including a hefty portion of those that had obviously been absent in the fundamental Tekken storyline. Of all the returning characters, Kazuya Mishima was the most vigorously advanced, since he included conspicuously on the amusement’s cover workmanship and limited time material, in spite of his nonappearance from the past section in the Tekken arrangement (he would return in Tekken 4).

At the point when Arcade mode is finished, an ongoing completion appears over the credits for the principal character (i.e. the main character picked while selecting the two warriors). The exemption to this is Unknown’s consummation, which is an FMV.

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Tekken Tag Tournament GamePlay Screen Shots:

Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game Free Download Tekken Tag Tournament Pc Game Free Download

System Requirements For Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: 1GHz Processor
  • Ram: 256MB
  • Space required on Hard: 100MB
  • VGA: 64MB
  • Direct X 7.0

How to Download and Install Tekken Tag Tournament on PC?

  • Download it using the links given below.
  • Use WinRAR to extract the file.
  • Open “Tekken Tag Tournament Game” folder, click on the “Installer” and install it now.
  • After you see that the installation is complete go to the folder where you placed it.
  • Open the folder and double-click on the setup file and wait for some time.
  • When the setup is complete click on “Tekken Tag Tournament Game” icon to play the Game.
  • Enjoy the game.

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Tekken Tag Tournament Game Free Download

Game Size:68.1MB

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